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Trending: The summer cocktails of the moment

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Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, and if you didn’t, here’s a friendly reminder: summer’s in town. It’s time to wear short skirts and get your tan on. But there’s something missing while doing so: some good cocktails. Unfortunately, we still drink our summer booze with a plastic straw most of the times. These cute looking straws, aren’t so cute when they end up in the ocean. Forever. This is why IamStrawless strives for plastic free cocktails. Their first campaign managed to keep 30.000 people from drinking with straws. To give you an idea of the endless possibilities, we made you a list of cocktails you can prepare at home (without using a straw). Don’t feel like doing it yourself? We found you some hotspots to sit back and order your cocktail in the sun.

The best DAM serve

The best DAM serve. Yes, this Gin is Amsterdam’s finest. You only have to add some tonic, oranges, lavender and spices like cinnamon and clove for a fresh, yet spicy cocktail.

• 50 ml Damrak Gin
• 2 slices of orange
• 1 cinnamon stick
• Twig of lavender
• Top it off with Thomas Henry Tonic

Ruby Tonic

The Ruby Tonic is the only drink you’ll be needing during the summer of ’18. Most of us had a few – or too many – on a terrace in the sun already. But have you ever tried it at home? It’s an easy one. We promise. For the best Ruby Tonic we use Belvedere vodka. This vodka will soften this spicy drink.
• 45 ml Belvedere Vodka
• The juice of half a grapefruit
• Top it off with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Ruby Tonic

Garibaldi Sbagliato

This cocktail is a combination of a Garibaldi and a Sbagliato. While Sbagliato means ‘wrong’ in Italian, you can never go wrong with this drink. This creation of Hendrick’s Gin contains orange juice and champagne. In theory, this means you can also drink this during brunch. Right? You can serve one with or without ice in a long drink, preferably in the (Italian) sun.
• 25 ml Hendrick’s Gin
• 25 ml Campari
• 50 ml orange juice
• Slice of orange

Cucumber Lemonade

What is Hendrick’s Gin without its beloved cucumber? This cocktail is the definition of summer. Refreshing, thanks to the addition of lemon and cucumber. Serve it in a long drink with lots of ice. Don’t forget to eat the cucumber afterwards. Thank us later.
• 50 ml Hendrick’s Gin
• 20 ml lemon juice
• 20 ml syrup
• 50 ml soda water
• 3 thin cucumber slices

Campari Tonic

A bit lazy today? That’s okay. This easy Campari Tonic contains – as you may guessed – only two ingredients. The only thing you have to do is get a big glass filled with ice and also add a slice of orange.
• 50 ml Campari
• 150 ml premium tonic water
• Slice of orange


Don’t feel like making one yourself? No worries, Bar Fisk, The Birdhouse and THE DUCHESS know what to do.

Fisk Margarita

Never heard of Bar Fisk? That’s because it’s a hidden gem in ‘De Pijp’. And if you did, you probably knew that they’ve created some great cocktails to improve the mood and to stimulate those taste buds with fresh spices, fruit and syrups. You should try out the Fisk Margarita. It contains Tequila, Mezcal, pineapple syrup and lime. Bring it on!

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 23 | website

Bar Fisk

Bald Eagle

Welcome to The Birdhouse. Located next to Artis, it has its jungle vibes. And they’ve added some colourful cocktails to their menu to blend in with their interior. Our favorite is the Bald Eagle. Not only because it’s pink, but also because of its flavor. They’ve put together Sierra Tequila, cranberries, lime- and lemon juice with a bit of syrup for this crazy cocktail.

Plantage Middenlaan 46 | website

The Birdhouse Amsterdam

Strawberry Drink

Want to mix summer with fairytales? Say hello to THE DUCHESS. They’ve recently launched their third cocktail menu. And it’s full of elegant, yet simple, but delicious cocktails. One of the favorites so far is the Strawberry Drink. This cocktail is inspired by rose. This drink contains the same acidity as rose because of the use of verjus. With a base of freezer dried strawberries and rose water this is the best thing you’ll drink at THE DUCHESS.

Spuistraat 172 | website


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