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Our ultimate Amsterdam city guide: where to eat, sleep and what to do

We visit cities all over the world and like most people we like to do so organised. So we tend to search the web for to do’s and where to stay and eat. As we’re located in the amazing city of Amsterdam and know where to go by heart we decided to save you guys some time and sum up the ultimate Amsterdam city guide by locals. 3 x where to eat, where to stay and what to do. Enjoy!

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Where to eat

1. Hamburgers at award-winning restaurant Ter Marsch & Co.

It doesn’t matter in which city you are, a hamburger is always a good idea. In the centre of Amsterdam, you can find a delicious award-winning burger. At restaurant Ter Marsch & Co. they serve burgers, burgers and more burgers prepared with nothing but care. They’ve been awarded the best Dutch hamburger multiple times. Do we need to say more?

2. Fish dishes at affordable and unique restaurant Pesca

From hamburgers to fish. At restaurant Pesca on the Rozengracht, you can enjoy all kinds of seafood in a unique setting. You are able to choose your own seafood at the set-up ‘market’, where you are also informed about the ‘catch of the day’. All that’s left to do is sit down and relax before your shared dishes are served. You don’t get it fresher than his!

3. Unique food experience at Envy

If you’re in for the real food experience we only have one answer: restaurant Envy on the Prinsengracht. You can either order á la carte or let the chef decide. We highly recommend the latter because you’ll be blown off your seat. Unique food combinations, tastes and smells fill the amazingly designed room.

Where to sleep

1. New York vibes at reopened Hotel Arena

We’ve named it the New York of Amsterdam; the reopened Hotel Arena in the Oosterpark. The place comes with a rich history as it used to be a mental home and orphanage. Now it’s the ultimate experience when staying in the east part of Amsterdam. It has the best of both worlds: a city hotel in a quiet park and an old building accompanied by a modern extension. Oh, and the breakfast buffet is to die for. You can also just hop in for the amazing new restaurant.

2. Spend the night in a bridge operator cabin at The Sweets Hotel

Amsterdam is filled with bridges, as a result, there are loads of bridge operator houses that aren’t in use anymore. The Lloyd Hotel decided to do something about this and has turned 28 cabins across the city into hotel rooms. Your private little room in the middle of the city. You don’t get this anywhere else!

3. Spend the night in a former prison at The Movement Hotel

Want to make your stay in Amsterdam extra unique? You can spend the night in a pop-up hotel run by refugees in a former prison. As described on the Movement Hotel’s website, this is a “once in a lifetime chance to experience the Bijlmerbajes prison.” The prison hasn’t been in use since last year and will be rebuilt into apartments but before that will happen you can spend the night. The former cells have all been transformed into trendy hotel rooms. The area around the prison is also really upcoming so you can find loads of art projects and an underground station close by.

What to do

1. Coffee time at CoffeeConcepts

It doesn’t happen often that a coffee bar serves delicious coffee ánd manages to make the interior to die for. CoffeeConcepts is an exclusive in this case. They’ve opened multiple locations in the south and city centre of Amsterdam but they’re now ready to take over the upcoming west part of town. Who knew dark blue walls could look this good with a cup of coffee?!

2. Movie night at the oldest movie theatre in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is filled with regular Pathét film locations but what most people don’t know is that there are loads of old-school film theatres too. You can find the oldest one on the Haarlemmerdijk, which is in a sense even more striking than the Tuschinski. There’s also the more recently opened Filmhallen, located next to the Foodhallen; a hall filled with food stands. You don’t want to get hungry during the film!

3. Drinks at tropical bar The Tulp

Amsterdam isn’t exactly known as a sunny or tropical city but there are places where you can forget this for a while. At tropical bar the Tulp you can enjoy drinks in a tropical setting filled with plants and lounge chairs. During the summer you can make it even more tropical by sitting outside on the terrace and if you’re hungry you can always stop by tapas restaurant Barca next door.

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