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Photoshop fail: Vanity Fair leaves stars with multiple legs and hands

(Photo via Shutterstock/Tinseltown)

Now that all the Oscar 2018 nominations have been announced, Vanity Fair published its annual Hollywood issue. On the cover we see numerous stars looking as amazing as always. There’s Oprah, who unfortunately revealed she won’t be running for president, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Gal Gadot, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hank and more.

Oh but there’s more, Reese happens to have gained an extra leg and Oprah got three hands. Looks like Vanity Fair worked some magic over here. Where can we apply?

The Photoshop fail wasn’t left unnoticed by fans who shared their thoughts on Twitter. Eventually, Reese and Oprah cleared things up explaining that that’s just the way they are, hoping people will accept them for it. Fans, however, solved the problem. It turned out Reese just took Zendaya’s leg! Now the only question remains, where does Oprah’s hand come from? Let’s hope the Oscars run a bit more smoothly.

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