We discovered Austria during the summer and we’re in love

The end of the year is near. Which also means that the summer vacation is as good as over. But, after folding lots of T-shirts, organizing the biggest sample sale ever and designing a whole new collection, we can tell you one thing: you’re going to be very tired. So, what do you do next? Exactly, you book a vacation. Because vacation is only over when you say so.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

But before really leaving the country, there’s some stress about where to go. Ibiza is nice, but we’ve been there quite a few times and it’s a bit expensive. Asia is incredible, but for a short trip it takes too much time to plan. And Austria, yeah Austria we’ve heard some good stories about you. Plus, we had the best winter sports vacation in Saalbach. Up next: Google. We soon found out Austria is also a perfect place to stay during summer. So, no more questions, let’s go! But, what do you do if the office mascot Rex wants to join you on your holiday, but he hates our Volkswagen Golf? Our good friend Aldo (PR Manager Jaguar Land Rover) knew exactly what Rex needed for this vacation.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

The Land Rover Discovery Sport was ready to take us all the way to Austria. And it’s even prettier in real life. It’s a huge car with loads of space for everything we took with us on our trip. And oh, those seats. They were so comfortable. Just what we needed with a 10-hour ride. And to top it off, it also has a great navigation system (we obviously needed that) and a panoramic roof for the prettiest views of the mountains. We were so not complaining.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

Because we could use some comfort and rest after this hectic month, we were staying at Sonja. Sonja recently opened her delightful establishment in Kaprun, near Saalbach, Hinterglemm and Zell am See. It has big rooms, delish breakfast and a gigantic spa on the top floor with a view on the mountains. So, if you really want to get some rest, just call Sonja.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

We know you’re wondering what we’ve done this trip. Well, quite a lot, but at the same time not so much. We ate, we drank, we sat in the sun, we hiked, swam, ate schnitzel, did some sailing, got chased after by a cow, fell asleep in the spa, flew in a helicopter and saw glaciers. Actually, we did everything that makes Austria the amazing summer holiday spot.

We have to be honest. The best thing had to be the helicopter flight. We’ve seen the Kitzsteinhorn glacier from above and it was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s kind of expensive, we payed 199 euros for 30 minutes, but it was worth every penny. The pilot told us he flew a Dutch couple back to the Netherlands. You do the maths.

Colourful Rebel AustriaColourful Rebel Austria

If you were planning to go to Austria with your lover, you should really go to Königssee. In the middle of a waterfall you’ll find a natural pool. It’s not that easy to get there, but if you follow the signs, you’ll find it. We repeat: follow the signs.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

If you want some more rest, take a trip to the waterfalls of Sigmund-Thun-Klamm. The reservoir of the Klamsee flows into a beautiful waterfall. We have no clue if it’s busy normally, but we we’re the only ones there. And that for just 11 euros.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

Something else we recommend is Hallstatt. Check it out on Instagram, a real gem. You have to manoeuvre past all Chinese tourists, but if you also rent a boat like we did, you have Hallstatt for yourself. Actually, this photogenic village is also the best when you’re on the water.

Colourful Rebel Austria Colourful Rebel Austria

Driving back for ten hours after a wonderful holiday is always the sad part of the trip. So, we decided to stay in Roermond for one night and visited the well-known outlet for a day. If you’re looking for a nice gift for your boy- or girlfriend or a weekend away, check ‘Kasteel Hattem’. This is the smallest castle in the Netherlands and transformed into a restaurant and hotel. It’s only a 5-minute ride away from the outlet.

We can honestly tell you that we fell in love with Austria. And to experience everything in an amazing car like the Land Rover Discovery is even better. Without any difficulty we could cross the mountain, even some parts through the river. Nothing was too much.

Colourful Rebel Austria

Dear Aldo, thanks again for making this amazing trip possible. And if any of you need some tips or addresses, please don’t hesitate and just send us a DM via Instagram!

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