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We’re moving to HABITAS in Tulum

You’ve probably seen them before, picture-perfect holiday destinations that are a common sight on Pinterest. Or on Instagram accounts with thousands of followers. A turquoise sea, white beaches, where only palm trees are blocking the sight. Most people think you’re talking about Bali in this case, but the contrary is true. Because if this is what you’re looking for you need to head to Tulum in Mexico. To Habitas to be exact.


We visited this piece of paradise last week to photograph our summer collection and to secretly sip on a few bottles of Corona and lie in the sun. Because that’s certainly something you can do best in Tulum. Besides visiting the Maya ruins and Cenotes (underwater caves with clear-blue water), it’s best to take it easy in Tulum because it’s hot and everything is tranquillo. This is exactly what we needed after a few months of cold and misery on the home front.

From all the beautiful hotspots along Tulum’s beaches, we chose to stay in Habitas. The beautiful thing about those beautiful beach locations is that they’re located literally in the jungle and build using the jungle. While Benidorm and Torremolinos have been completely cut down to build sky-high hotels and apartments, where busses filled with tourists are dropped off on a daily basis, Tulum consequently uses every tree and detail from the jungle, which makes this location so unique. You’re constantly surrounded by the jungle where even the electricity cables are covered in leaves and branches, and where you can endlessly stroll through the sand on your bare feet.

Habitats is no exception in this case. All the bedrooms are set up in a luxurious platform tents. All the luxury you can think of is present, from an amazing outdoor rainshower to a comfy kingsize bed. An oases if you’re going to bed late at night and doze off listening to the sound of the ocean. Also, almost every evening something is organized, for example, during our stay an outdoor cinema was set up and the square was transformed into a lounge chair paradise in front of a big screen where a good film was playing. The laidback vibes are so good that you can even leave your stuff unattended without them being nicked, the ultimate holiday feeling. Where is this even possible in the world nowadays? Habitas is open for the public and is also highly recommended for lunch or dinner. Besides hanging out in a hammock all day, at the beach bar, the infinity pool or lounge chairs, there are also yoga classes organisedon a daily basis on the roof terrace of the restaurant with an amazing sea view. If that doesn’t give you relaxed vibes, we don’t know what will.


If you’re still considering a stay after seeing these photos, perhaps the price will change your mind. We flew with Delta airlines from Schiphol airport with one transfer for 520 Euros per person. A stay at Habitas will cost you around 189 Euros a night but the Corona’s and Mojito’s make up for this.

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