With these 12 gadgets you’re already dreaming about the summer

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We are literally counting the days till spring and summer, one week left till spring starts. But it will last a while till the temperatures reach higher than 15 degrees because right know we’re happy if we can reach the 10 degrees. We’re looking forward to the times the terraces are crowded, the atmosphere will be perfect and you can lay all day in the park. Just a day without standing in front of your closet and thinking how many layers of clothes you should wear without freezing. No, just back to the sunny, easy peasy life. And we’re going to help you with that. Because we can’t you sent you into the new season with empty hands, we have sorted out a few gadgets that you must have to survive these perfect months. (Even without the gadgets it will be no problem, but still). But we’re just trying to make it a little bit easier for you, lucky you!


The Underwatercamera:

Maybe it’s still a little bit to early for this one, but for all the people that move towards the sun when it’s easter is an underwatercamera great. This is the thing you always forget on vacay and regret it later on.

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A Blanket:

A day at the park, but you’re wearing a white jeans… result: green jeans. With this blanket that will not longer bother you, colourful and summery!

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Make your own sparkling rose kit:

OMG this is one of the coolest things we ever saw, ‘make your own sparkling rose kit’ and as well an ‘make your own beer kit’. For when you want to do everything yourself and surprise your friends with a drink you brew yourself.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Source: Urban Outfitters

Twerk Pong:

You’ll definitely need this one for your next drink. A twerk pong for the real twerker. Let us see what you got and play some twerkpong with your best buddies.  

Source: Urban Outfitters

Beer Pong:

Twerk pong not really your thing? Go for a good old game of beer pong. And maybe you’ll beat all of your friends.

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Bambu straws:

Now we also want to be a bit ecological, we just cannot buy any plastic straws anymore. This bambu lookalike paper straws are the perfect alternative.

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Cocktail Slushie Machine:

Are you hosting a BBQ? Then this is the thing you need. Do you have a big garden or friends with a big garden. Put this slushie machine outside in the garden and everybody can get his/her own drink, useful and fun!

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The ball launcher:

Oke everyone who knows us, should know that we are the biggest dog freaks ever. If we go a day to the parc that usually we are accompanied by 5 dogs or something like that. With this ball launcher you’re not only keeping yourself happy but also your dog.

Source: Radbag

The most handy suitcase in the world:

This is official one of the most handy things we have ever seen. Is it also always a big struggle to pack for a trip at your place? Not anymore! With this weekend bag all your problems are solved.

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Lotus lamps:

Do you want to spice up your garden a little bit for summer… than this package with water lanterns is perfect for a romantic pool or pond.

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Portable fanner:

We’re thinking about a couple months later now, where temperatures a rising till 30 degrees and it’s very hot in the office. Then this fanner is perfect for you, put it on your desk and you can carry on with your plans!

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Portable tabletennis:

You can take this one anywhere, tabletennis at work: Yes! Tabletennis in the parc: Yes, Tabletennis in the garden: yes. Just take this one to wherever you are going.

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