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Coffee heaven: the world’s biggest Starbucks opens in Shanghai

(Photos via Starbucks/Joshua Trujillo)

Dutchies? You can find the full article in Dutch here.

Not money but coffee makes the world go round it seems nowadays. Something as important as coffee needs a big place where it can be worshipped. If you happen to be looking for that place we’ve found it in Shanghai. Here the world’s biggest Starbucks opens, which is 30,000-square-feet big and filled with coffee magic. It’s Starbuck’s second Reserve Roastery location (Seattle being the first), which is the brand’s premium segment dedicated to special beans and brewing methods. Furthermore, you can find three coffee bars including the longest in the world, a 3D printed tea bar, an Italian bakery and an impressive wooden ceiling.

As you can see it’s a pretty big location and Starbucks doesn’t want you to get lost so the place comes with an app. This way you can get a multi-sensory coffee experience by following a virtual tour of the store, which gives you insights into the ‘behind the scenes’ of Starbucks.


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