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You can now get a temporary tattoo of your best friend’s face

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Last week we shared the exciting news that you can now create life-size lollipops of your face. Why? Because it’s probably the most unique gift you can give yourself or your BFF (or your crush). Now we’ve come across a new addition to this list of unique gifts: a temporary tattoo of a photo.


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Not just any random photo by one you’ve sent in yourself. It doesn’t come cheap because for 25 small tattoos you pay around 71 euro and for 50 tattoos you pay 86 euro. Perfect to share, however, with a group of friends, for a birthday party for example. The best way to surprise your best friend when you all show up with a tattoo of her face. No worries because after three days the tattoo is gone!

PS. Are you determined that your best friend will stay your BFF forever? Then it might be time to take a look at more permanent BFF tattoo inspiration.

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