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YouTuber Logan Paul under fire after sharing ‘dead body’ video in Japan’s ‘suicide forest’

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Deciding to vlog at what’s probably the most ‘popular’ place in the world to commit suicide is one thing but sharing everything you find there is another. YouTube star Logan Paul decided to do those exact two things and as a result, has probably ruined his career for good. The YouTuber posted a video of himself and a bunch of friends visiting the ‘suicide forest’ in Japan. As one could expect, they found a dead body hanging from the trees and Paul decided to share this with his 15 million followers. Not only fans but also celebrities decided to share their disgust for his actions:

After 24 hours, the video was pulled from YouTube after gaining 1 million views. Today Paul decided to comment on his actions after declaring he shared the video because he wanted to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention. Wrong way to do so Paul…

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